Friday, October 12, 2007

The Cold is Here

I've opened the pipe baffles and the vents, I've closed all the windows, I've set the thermostat to the legal 21 degrees...suddenly it's cold outside, and since I'm feeling a bit sick I want to lie on my couch and be warm, warm, warm. The grogginess of snuggly exhaustion. A movie or two. Snooze.

Last year it snowed on my birthday. No snow yet, but it can't be far off. It's time for winter, I've had enough of those sweaty nights (and that sweaty makeup), I've earned these chilly fall winds and overcast skies. Beautiful! Let me bundle up with a cat and a book and a gently blowing furnace vent.

Yeah, by February I'll be sick of it, but not now.


Anonymous said...

What does "legal 21 degrees mean?"

Adam Thornton said...

Aha, you folks near the equator might not know this one. :)

Landlords are required to keep their apartments heated above a certain temperature (a legal minimum). Each city in Ontario has a different minimum (according to its bylaws), and Kitchener (where I am) specifies 21 degrees.

I have control of the thermostat for this duplex. It's locked up and encased in plastic, but the plastic has vents you can slip a hex-key even though I'm not supposed to be able to set the temperature, I can (and do).

Since the landlords have never come over to set it themselves, I assume this is something they understand. And since I fixed their furnace vents last year, I bet they'll pay less for hydro than ever before.