Wednesday, October 31, 2007

iTunes Word Search: "Ghost"

Boo, and Happy Hallowe'en! I'm hoping that no children come to weasel candy out of me; I've lived in controlled-access buildings or student slums for so long that I don't know if they'll come to this area or not, let alone to my grotty little side door, and I didn't want to buy a lot of candy and have it sit around, so...

While wearing my Hallowe'en costume at work (pictures soon) I tried to find a good iTunes Word Search theme. I couldn't think of a good word to represent "Nobody Ever Recognizes My Costume" (other than maybe "darn"), but I DID hit on a good Hallowe'en-ish word that generated results: "Ghost!"
  1. City Ghosts (The Legendary Pink Dots)
  2. Farm Show Ghost (Joey Wright)
  3. Ghost (Headcase)
  4. Ghost (The Legendary Pink Dots)
  5. Ghost in the Gaps (Electroluminescent)
  6. Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man (Concrete Blonde)
  7. The Ghost of Liberace (Sparks)
  8. Ghost Pirates (P:Ano)
  9. Ghost Talk (Cabaret Voltaire)
  10. Ghost Train Out (The Vincent Black Shadow)
  11. Ghost World (Aimee Mann)
  12. Ghost Writer (Daniel Ash)
  13. Ghosts of Unborn Children (The Legendary Pink Dots)
  14. Our Kitten Sees Ghosts (Califone)
  15. There's a Ghost in My House (The Fall)
  16. Walking the Ghost (James)
Themes? Lost & forlorn, otherworldly, different, spooky, and remnant.

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