Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Ambitious Kitchener/Waterloo BusWalk Tour

I’ve lived in Kitchener/Waterloo for over ten years. I’ve tried to explore both cities but I’m severely limited by lack of transportation, and I’m also repelled by the major centers and arteries that I see too much of anyway. If I have to walk along King, Weber, or Erb Street to get somewhere, I'll get bored long before I arrive.

Then it occurred to me: we have over twenty bus lines in this area, but the only one I ever take is line seven. I could take the bus to some out-of-the-way, unexplored part of Kitchener/Waterloo…and then walk back! Not only would I see new factories, parks, and lawn ornaments, but I’d also get the exercise I’ve been sorely lacking!

So that’s my goal. Starting with bus line one, I’m going to take the bus to the furthest point on the route and see what nifty stuff I find there. “Why,” you ask? Answer: it beats eating snack food and trying to watch “Performance.”

PS: Walkable Neighbourhoods

How "walkable" is YOUR neighbourhood? Mine's a respectable 70%. The really nice parks aren't close enough for my taste, but no matter what I want, I can find it within walking distance.

But can I carry a bookcase home on my back? That's another question.


Eric Little said...

The only thing I like about "Performance" is "Memo from Turner"--either version.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Do you mean the song that Jagger sings? Yes, that was excellent, and much more interesting than Pallenberg being all drug-inspired.

The DVD contains a bonus feature called "Memo From Turner," which is a promo from 1970 that plays up Jagger's role in the film. It gets everything totally wrong, even stating that he composed the soundtrack and played the Moog, which he certainly didn't.