Friday, August 03, 2007

Loving "What You Waitin' For" by Gwen Stefani

I think it really is one of the best songs ever. The production is overloaded and cluttered, but it’s all so lock-stepped in that 4/4 “electro-clash” way that it doesn’t sound overdone. The keyboards are beautiful and buzzy and they sound ominous and epic, but they're contrasted with a tappy-happy hi-hat.

And then you’ve got Gwen Stefani, who is thoroughly annoying but can REALLY sing. Fun and thoughtful lyrics delivered staccato-style. Yips and hoots and orgasmic breathiness. The song is, basically, an over-emotional “GAH!” with an ugly glacial beat. And it works. Even when she’s obsessing about Japan during the middle.

I love this song and cannot get sick of it. It always makes me feel strong, fun, and ready to frolic.

"Life is short, you're capable."


Eric Little said...

Another "Alice in Wonderland" video? The Rev. Charles Dodgson wants his royalties, so he can take some more pictures.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Lock up the little girls!