Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Song I Wrote For My Cat Last Month

I wrote this song for my cat last month. It's sung to the tune of Concrete Blonde's "Joey," especially the second verse and chorus. I thought it would be a big hit with cats all around the world, and Vanilla agreed.
Zsa Zsa, kitty,
You’re so, pretty.
Meowin’, moanin’,
Purrin’, rollin’.

And if you need to take a poo
I’m so sad to frustrate you,
When I give you water I should clean your litter too.

But if it’s food you’d like to eat,
Well I can make your life complete,
‘Cause when I come home drunk and pass out at your feet…
Oh, Zsa Zsa, you’ll get soft food as a treat.
I tried singing this song to my cat and she didn't acknowledge it as music, she saw it more as something annoying I was doing to her instead of just gettin' with the petting.

The song still has potential. I think I just need to work on it.

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