Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just Because It's Sunday: "Let Go the Line"

The last song I hear during my "Nights o' Booze" is whatever song the cab driver is listening to. Tonight, after a GORGEOUSLY PERFECT time -- wonderful people I haven't seen in years -- the cab driver was listening to the Most Wonderful Song Ever.

I was listening to the song and it "pinged" into me: I was five years old again (sans lipstick), listening to my Snoopy radio while killing the little red spiders around the artesian well...and it was the song! THE SONG!

I'd totally forgotten it, and the cab driver was playing it. I was in a state of bliss. I interrupted his life story and demanded to know: "Who sang this? WHO SANG THIS WONDERFUL SONG?" And he said "Max Webster."

We had a howling fight. NO WAY Kim Mitchell had been put his greasy fingers on such a wonderful song. When I was a child, Kim Mitchell was a big freaking joke...I guess if you were a Canadian Rock Groupie in the '70s (like my wonderful Mr. Cab Driver) then Kim Mitchell was a pretty cool guy, but when *I* grew up he was a terrible CanCon nightmare. No way! That song could NOT be by Max Webster! Kim Mitchell wasn't involved!

But he was. The song is "Let Go the Line." It's wonderful and appropriate and everything a song could be. I can't find an original video, but here's some guy (Terry Watkinson) performing it for me, and also performing it for anybody who's drunk and happy this weekend:

Nothing demystifies a song by some guy (Terry Watkinson) mutilating it. THANKS TERRY. You killed my childhood.

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