Monday, August 13, 2007

An iTunes Word Search: "Fish"

Ever curious, I found myself searching for songs about "fish." iTunes to the rescue!
  1. 4:50 AM - Go Fishing (Roger Waters)
  2. A Nice Little Fish Business and Making Money (Transglobal Underground)
  3. Around the Fish (Nits)
  4. Blowfish (Doubting Thomas)
  5. The Family and the Fishing Net (Peter Gabriel)
  6. Fish Head (Adrian Belew)
  7. Fish, Chips and Sweat (Funkadelic)
  8. Fishes (Nits)
  9. Fishing (Nurse & Soldier)
  10. Joan Miro's Procession Through the Insides of a Purple Antelope Across a Sea of Tuna Fish (Adrian Belew)
  11. Sukkafish (The Grates)
  12. Swordfish Lame?nt (The Legendary Pink Dots)
  13. Wall Was More Like the Spot than the Fish (Barnabee Log)
I see that some songs ("Go Fishing," "The Family and the Fishing Net") use "fishing" as a back-to-nature/primitive ritual. Both Nits songs ("Around the Fish," "Fishing") are superficially about fish, but mostly about freedom and movement. "Fish, Chips and Sweat" covers the "food" part of fish.

But all the other songs -- the large majority -- use the word "fish" for an alliterative or surreal purpose. I suppose that "fish" is sort of a strange and funny word, in the same way that "duck" might be (we'll try that another time!)

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