Monday, August 13, 2007

Women and the Cynical Bachelor (Eleven)

Emily Shops Inc. reveals to us the greatest of feminine virtues:
"All women are divided into two classes," said the Cynical Bachelor; "those who have money, and those who are persuading some man to give it to them."

"You are hopelessly Victorian," replied the Man Who Had Been Caught Young and Educated Wisely. "The two types of women are those who know what to do with money and those who do not.

"You have observed the species spendiferous, but your data is incomplete. Follow me into one of those little Salons of Feminine Sophistication, the Emily Shops, and I will show you Woman at her Best.

"Here you will find women who are buyers, not spenders. Here are women supremely happy, for here they have found clothes that mean to them the utter gratification of the greatest of feminine virtues, a Sense of Values."
This from February 18, 1928. These adverts are strangely hypnotic.

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VanillaJ said...

Welcome to MY Salon of Feminine Sophistication: Give me your money, fool! I know how to spend it, dumbass, and it's on pedicures and Victoria Secret!