Friday, August 24, 2007

I'd Buy Anything By...The Beloved

Ahhh, Jon and Helena Marsh. Such smooth loveliness. Such a perfect pair. His voice will always make me feel calm and warm, and her lyrics are beauty incarnate. Next time you're feeling foolish or lost or just a little bit achy, have a listen to The Beloved and realize that there is honest goodness in the world around you. For at least five minutes.

It isn't hard to "buy everything" by The Beloved because they've released so little and it ain't easy to get here. The first song I heard is still my favourite: "Time After Time." It doesn't get much more sublime than this, to my eyes and ears, and never have bedbugs been so freakin' sexy. They used to cut the end of the video off, surprise.

Still living down (or living up) the "bunch of nude models" furor over their "Sweet Harmony" video, they went back to ultra-artsy in the mid-90s. A bit more formulaic, but it's still a nice song (and a killer vide0)..."Deliver Me."

Albums to buy? There aren't enough of them for subdivision. Just pick up whatever you find.

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