Thursday, August 23, 2007

An iTunes Word Search: "Sister"

An important question arises when I think of my sister's marriage this weekend: when somebody is singing about "sisters" in a song, what are they REALLY singing about? iTunes word search to the rescue!
  1. Baby Sister (The Residents)
  2. Cry Little Sister (Gerald McMann)
  3. Little Sister (Concrete Blonde)
  4. Little Sister (The Residents)
  5. Mother-Sister! (The Fall)
  6. Neon Sisters (Thomas Dolby)
  7. Sister Europe (Gogh Van Go)
  8. Sister Marie (Harry Nilsson)
  9. Sister of Mercy (The Thompson Twins)
  10. Sister of Night (Depeche Mode)
  11. Sister Rosa (Nits)
  12. Sister Ship Twenty Three (Sky Cries Mary)
  13. Sister Witness (A Thousand Other Names)
  14. Squeezit's Vision of His "Sister" (Mystic Knights of the Oingo-Boingo)
  15. Three Sisters (The Divine Comedy)
  16. Three Sisters (Nits)
  17. Unchain My Sister! (Elastic Purejoy)
  18. Your Sister Can't Twist But She Sure Can Rock and Roll (Elton John)
Thematically we've got some wise earth goddesses, we've got songs about close relationships, and we've got some vampirey "blood sisterhood" sort of stuff. There's a general sense of naivete, rarely sexual.

And The Residents. God only knows what they're talking about.

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