Saturday, August 11, 2007

Because It's Saturday: Kate Nahi Kat Te Yeh Raat

Jane Bond (a local cafe) recently had a "Bollywood" night. Since then, people have been commenting on the way that Bollywood manages to sneak sex into its films. You could spend a lifetime studying sex in Indian films (and not just in Bollywood...if you want to see more overt raunch, check out some movies from further south), but the symbols and techniques are pretty obvious if you know what you're looking for.

In this clip, however, you don't HAVE to look; it's the most overtly sexual song I've ever seen in a mainstream Bollywood film. It's traditional to portray sex with a "wet sari during a monsoon" dance, but Sridevi's sari is so sheer, her pole grip so obvious, her gyrations so coital, and the final kiss...

Well, let's just say this clip STEAMS. The music (Laxmikant Pyarelal I think?) is just meltingly beautiful...and Sridevi, as always, is otherworldly-gorgeous, and Anil Kapoor is...well, not shockingly unattractive. I had the pleasure of seeing Anil Kapoor sing and dance a few years ago and the man is truly a superstar. Try to ignore his hat.

To set the scene: this is a pivotal moment from the film "Mr. India" (which I reviewed here). Anil Kapoor is a man who can turn himself invisible, and he's used this power to fight crime. Sridevi is a hard-nosed (and very funny) crime reporter who is renting a room from Kapoor. She hates him, but she's fallen in love with his invisible, crime-fighting alter-ego, "Mr. India." Of course she doesn't know that the two of them are the same person.

But none of that matters at the moment. During this song, Mr. India and Sridevi -- after weeks of invisible flirting -- finally...errr...
you'll see.

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