Saturday, November 17, 2007

Because It's Saturday and I'm Not Dancing: Praga Khan & Nikkie Van Lierop

Praga Khan and Nikkie van Lierop helped build the bizarre Belgian "new beat" sound in the '90s, and quickly adapted themselves to every style that came their way. They did KLF-style stadium house as "Digital Orgasm," sex-industrial-rock as "Lords of Acid," straight-out rave as "Milk Inc.," and (literally) half a dozen different things under a dozen different names.

Through it all, Khan laid the bedrock, and van Lierop wrote the lyrics, sang, and added her own musical touches.

They've amicably gone their separate ways, but they're both still active. Van Lierop -- often as "Darling Nikkie" -- sporadically releases brilliant solo albums that range from electronic-metal to jazz. Khan still writes great music but has dropped into a well of awful cheesiness. Maybe it's a Belgian thing, I don't know.

Since *I* can't dance tonight, here are two Khan/Van Lierop songs from two different projects, and they are both WONDERFULLY danceable. First, the seminal remake of "Injected With a Poison," which is probably their most powerful song and is DEFINITELY their best video.

Next, "Time to Believe" from "Digital Orgasm."

Dance for me, please!

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