Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Fact Actually Sicko

I know I said a few weekends ago that it was time for me to get sick, but somehow the moment didn't arrive until last night. Lethargy, runny nose, headache, desire to be away from humanity. So tonight I'm at home watching Michael Palin's "Pole to Pole" and looking forward to a bath.

Earlier, my mother dropped by to enact her peerless "mom-shui," this time with a rug for the bathroom door, a much-needed family heirloom footstool, and...the oddest craft I've ever seen: a woman's face made of wire for hanging jewelry on. It's just this side of ugly, to the point where it becomes fascinating, appropriate, and suddenly beautiful.

So me and my (as yet nameless) wire roommate will share a cozy night of reading. Feet up, snuggled in, only slightly missing the rest of the human race and the joy of dancing.

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