Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just Let Me Vent For a Moment

One of my many self-improvement resolutions is to stop being concerned about what other people do, but let me just say this:

I hate people who carry more than eight items through the supermarket express lane. There's simply no excuse. These people don't believe that the rules apply to them and they have no concern for the other people in line.

Today I was behind a late-20s yuppie couple who actually TRICKED their way into the line. The wife put two items on the counter, but her husband actually HID a basket full of produce until the first two items were rung in. And produce is the slowest thing to deal with, because it can't just be scanned. It was incredibly rude.

When the cashier asked them if they'd like to donate two dollars to a children's charity, the husband scoffed, "I don't." He turned to his wife. "Do you?" "Me neither," she said. Their tone was distinctly, "don't waste our time."

After seeing those two selfish, tricky jerks breeze through like that, I started fishing for spare change. Because the only good thing about bad people is they set a baseline against which the rest of us should compare ourselves.


Anonymous said...

And (for me) it's not just that they have over 8 items, that *in itself* isn't such a big deal, but it's that they have such an air of entitlement about the whole thing, and it carries over in to other areas in their life, other areas that DO matter. They drive like the road is theirs, they work like everyone is their servant, they probably treat friends as commodities. They know rules exist, they just don't apply to them.

Adam Thornton said...

Yes, exactly. I don't care that I need to wait an extra minute to get my groceries. It's that *I* play by those rules, but THEY don't. I suppose it would be nice to pretend that nobody else matters...