Friday, November 09, 2007

UPhold Update: Life in Corner

It takes me a while to really "find my feet" with a new editing system. I moved from cassette four-track to an ancient version of Protools, and now I'm working with Logic Audio. While there's still so much to learn -- I haven't even LOOKED at the "folders" yet -- I think I'm finally finding my "Logic Audio workflow." And it only took three years.

So I've been hacking away at a project built mainly with subtleties, quiet sounds, source recordings, slow builds, soft moments. It's called "Road to Avondale" and the first part (the main section) is stretching twenty-five minutes. While much of it is in a final state, I'm just not comfortable excerpting pieces yet, so that's still locked up.

The proposed ending (possibly called "A Little") is another work in progress...the end of the road, the sad last death, the grief. It's still in a larval form and likewise isn't ready for posting.

But the middle part, "Life in Corner," has reached a rough edit state, and while it still needs MUCH tweaking (and integration with the other two pieces) it at least has a beginning, middle, and end...even if they sound a bit shabby yet.

"Life in Corner" descends from a song that's been sitting around since 2004, and was one of my earliest Logic Audio experiments. It sat around for years being the sort of fast, peppy, melodic track that I try to do occasionally but my heart is never in. It even had lyrics. It was about cars and love and stuff that doesn't really interest me much.

Now it's slow, effected, obtuse, and abrasive, and keeping with a new minimalism that I find myself slipping into. If you're curious, you can listen to it here.

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