Tuesday, November 06, 2007

iTunes Word Search: "Snow"

The snow was a bit late in coming, but it finally arrived this morning: time for winter jackets and toques, folks. In honour of that frozen precipitation that some love but most hate, here are the songs about "snow" that turned up on my iPod:
  1. Beneath the Snow (Flotilla)
  2. Disney's a Snow Cone (Michael Penn)
  3. First Snow (Fourprint)
  4. The Snow (COIL)
  5. Snow (Kate Bush)
  6. The Snow Falls (The Baldwin Brothers)
  7. Snowball (Devo)
  8. Snowball in Negative (The Divine Comedy)
If you like winter sports, congratulations. I don't, but as much as I dislike being cold I prefer snow to freezing rain anyday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that one...

It's almost to the point where I can play that bassline on a real bass!

Adam Thornton said...

And a very nice bassline it is, too!