Sunday, November 04, 2007

Early Morning Observations

For your edification:
  • My cat's stomach does NOT run on daylight savings time.
  • It is very easy to take off false eyelashes...they just pull off. But last night BOTH of them were firmly and impossibly stuck to my real eyelashes, and it took ten painful minutes with tweezers to pull them off. I have no idea how this happened.
  • If I don't manage 365 blog entries this year I will consider myself an outright failure.
  • My one superpower is the ability to postpone illness until after an event has finished. For two weeks an autumn cold has been lurking in the darkest recesses of my body, asking repeatedly "can I come out and play?" and jacking up my blood sugar. This afternoon, after birthday and Hallowe'en and Kink show and breakfast, I will lay spread-eagled on my living room floor and scream "TAKE ME!" And it will.
  • I dreamed that I was walking to work in the rain, and my cat was following me, and we accidentally stumbled over the hidden entrance to Reverend Phelp's basement. I woke up before I learned anything juicy, but I DID see that they keep all of their paperwork in cheap cardboard filing cabinets.
Ahh, the sunrise, I confront ye!


Adrian said...

Yes, I noticed that about cats as well.

They clearly have little disdain for clocks (and hence time changes), but are incredibly accurate at measuring real time. They start bugging me about food at almost exactly the same time every morning.

The furry bastards.

Adam Thornton said...

Next time you're contemplating your cats' furry-bastardness, pay attention to how they walk.

Didja ever notice? Members of the cat family move both legs on one side, then both legs on the other, unlike -- apparently -- any other quadriped.