Sunday, November 25, 2007

Because It's Sunday: Rambha

Next to Sridevi, Rambha was by far my favourite Bollywood actress. She wasn't a particularly GOOD actress last time I checked, but she had genuine spunk, a terrific turtle-nose, a strangely genuine screen presence, and WOW she could dance. For these reasons I think of her as India's Ann Miller, always likable but rarely the "star."

To illustrate this, here's one of the few good numbers from "Beti No.1." Rambha is the only person who can out-dance Govinda, and in this song she effortlessly matches him move-for-move.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. You have had the hots for two of the most seriously sexy babes to hit Indian films. :-)

Sridevi became a sex goddess with Himmatwala which sensationally introduced her to Hindi audience by focussing on her derriere. And who can forget the absolutely sensational "Naino main sapna" song with hundreds of pots for company as Sridevi and Jeetendra go thru' PT exercises and poses inspired from the Kama Sutra? Baywatch and Pamela Anderson never used the beach so well!

Rambha was the second coming of Sridevi as the following illustrates:

Anonymous said...

those ARE Ann Miller moves

Adam Thornton said...

I find it funny and sort of sad that the ONLY people who confess an appreciation of Rambha are those who say creepy things about her "thunder thighs."

But there's no doubt that she was "marketed" that way, and the fact that she's not a particularly good actress has scuttled any hope of real stardom. Oh well, I guess there's still a need for "guest artistes" and specialy dancers!

Sridevi, however, was an AMAZING actress. She could do everything. I haven't seen Himmatwala in years, but it was obvious even in that film that she was going someplace. And while she could do a mean classical dance, I never saw her as a particularly skilled dancer otherwise.

Sex kittens? Yes! But there's more to them than that.

Adam Thornton said...

Anonymous, yes, I should have put up a vintage Ann Miller clip for comparison.