Sunday, May 06, 2007

Good Ambassador

Ho Ho! Ha ha! Hey Hey!

Pardon me another video clip (though if you're reading this in a normal way, this will actually be the FIRST video clip for the night).

If you didn't grow up in Canada during the early '90s, you totally missed Mitsou. There's a definite disconnect between Quebec and the rest of the country, but somehow Mitsou broke down the barriers, representing everything that English Canada (also known as "Muffy") thought Quebec SHOULD be: fashionable, cute, happy, and not overtly Catholic. And occasionally English.

I'm older now so I recognize that things are more complicated, but I'll never get over my love for Mitsou, and particularly not this song, "The World is a Funny Place," written (very obviously) by Ivan Doroschuck (of "Men Without Hats"). This is one of my favourite drag songs, and it always charms the single person in the crowd who actually remembers it.


Anonymous said...

long live Mitsou. She now works at the CBC

Adam Thornton said...

I sent her an email but she didn't answer.

Back in the day she came across as particularly dim-witted and childish. It's interesting that when you see her now, she sounds brilliant and relaxed.

There was a language barrier for a while too, I think.

Anonymous said...

you need to parle francais in your email to her