Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UPhold Update: Our Past Present (Now Then)

The split, double CD3 "Our Past Present (Now Then)" has just been released by AFE Records. The first CD is the full length version of "Unreleased Work Tapes 7/7/04" by The Infant Cycle, and the second CD contains four tracks by yours truly, one of which ("Bedwetters") was previously released on the "Bright Blue Jungle" CD (AFE really liked the song and wanted to use it).

It usually takes me months to stop being sick of songs once I've finished with them, but the "Delia" and "Dmitri" songs on "Our Past Present" make me very happy, and I think they signify a new direction for UPhold.

They might make you happy too!

The CDs can be ordered directly through AFE Records, and I've got some copies that I'm still figuring out what to do with.

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