Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mini Minneapolis Thoughts

Let's see how much I can write before somebody else wants to use the computer.

Here are my impressions about Minneapolis. This mainly regards the downtown area:
  • Clean, clean, clean. There is not a speck of dirt in this area. Even the skiddy areas are spotless.
  • Gorgeous and varied architecture.
  • More than adequate green space and gathering places, though you're still aware of constant traffic.
  • So many one-way streets.
  • Because of all the one-way streets, everybody J-Walks.
  • Things are MUCH closer than they seem. Whenever I see a building in the distance I think "jeez, that'll take half an hour to get to," and five minutes later I'm there. This is diametrically opposite the way Las Vegas feels.
  • Skywalks everywhere.
  • The giant Target store, the giant Target office building, the giant Target stadium...
  • Charming, laid-back, almost poetic pan-handlers who seem to appreciate conversation more than money. Though that's probably their schtick.
  • Apparently people DO live downtown, but I can't imagine where.


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure having breakfast in hell with you this morning! Cin is definitely a good resource for many things Minneapolitan, so hopefully you won't have a problem getting ideas on what to do during the rest of your time here--though I still think it'd be worth your time hitting up the respectable twin sister to the east. ;)

Adam Thornton said...

The pleasure was all mine! And all the things people say about Hell's peanut butter are true.

NEXT TIME I can visit the staid, laid-back, hard-working St. Paul's. Unless the Super Shuttle drives through it tomorrow morning on the way to the airport I'm afraid I'll never see it!

PS: I did see my first non-spotless area. Yesterday people told me not to "go past K-Mart" in Uptown (on Lake St. I think?). I did accidentally go past it -- twice -- and yeah it's a bit gross, but nothing spectacularly bad.