Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Performing "They Don't Know" at Guelph's "Drag Race" Event

As I continue to pursue the St. Bernard Internet Footprint I keep finding bizarre things about myself that I never knew existed. Here's a sneaky video clip of me performing Tracy Ullmann's "They Don't Know" at a show a few months ago in Guelph (which I think was called "The Drag Race").

When I first started doing drag shows, Miss Drew said it would be a good idea to watch videos of myself, and since this clip was filmed (and posted) without my knowledge it's an even better "critical study" for me than it would be otherwise.

My first comment is "jeez, I have rocket-powered hands," thanks partly to long-ago advice from Morgan James ("When in doubt, raise your arms!") But the frantic hands have more to do with the fact that I don't know what to do with my FEET. I'm not much into audience interaction so I prefer to stay on the stage, but I can't just stand in one spot...that worked for '40s torch singers but they actually SANG.

It's hard, in a song, to avoid International Drag Sign Language (love, you, they, etc.) so you either have to be innovative or deliberately silly.

Which leads me to another good piece of advice, this one from Rasha, who told me early on to drop any pretence of being serious and "just be silly." Since there are only a few other established drag personas available -- experimental, glamorous, sexy, jaded, impersonator, and dancey-pants -- "silly" is the only one I'm really comfortable with.

Regarding this song: I started doing it during the lead up to the same-sex marriage vote here in Canada, so I dedicated it (in my head at least) to Stephen Harper, and to all the people who know more about "hate" and "fear" than they do about "love." This clip's for you!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've always been fond of that song but for some reason I'd never thought of it that way before. I'm getting misty-eyed here.

Hurrah for silly, too!

Adam Thornton said...

I prefer the "brave love" interpretation as opposed to the "too blind to see that you're about to marry a jerk" theory!

Due to the violent and tragic demise of the songwriter, we may never know...

Anonymous said...

Guess what I just found! More Muffy!


Love you!

Adam Thornton said...

Oh, Morgan! It's a vintage piece from back in the day when memory cards were smaller!

Rocket-hands even then. That was at the grad lounge and not the coffee shop, right?

Anonymous said...

At least you don't clomp around like a Clydesdale with windmill arms!


I should burn you a copy of my "best of" Tracey Ullman CD

Adam Thornton said...

You'll always be my favourite Clydesdale, Morgan! And such a fun clip.

I could always stand to hear more Tracey Ullmann, that's for sure.