Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jane Siberry, "One More Colour"

Sure we all made fun of her at the time, but even as Jane Siberry cuts the ties with her new wave '80s past (going so far, apparently, as to give away most of her possessions and change her name to "Issa"), Siberry's beautiful "popular" songs are well worth reevaluating now.

I can't find a video for "Ingrid and the Footman," but here's a close second-best, "One More Colour." It was Siberry's really big break into mass consciousness, and I think the song and video distill that elusive "Canadianness," that is, a sort of laid-back, half playful earnestness. The shyness of an uncertain poet who really wants to be liked. Fortunately this is the version of the video without all the dated computer effects; I think this was the original one, created before the song became a hit.

I love Jane Siberry up to a point; after 1989's "Bound by the Beauty" I find her music either uninspired or poorly produced (I'm talking to YOU, Mr. Brian Eno). And she'll never beat the closing lines of this particular song, which make me smile AND give me goosebumps all at the same time:
the goatless ledge
'neath the honkless geese
in the speckless sky
the speckless sky

i hear you...


Eric Little said...

Very nice--thanks for sharing.

Adam Thornton said...

It sure is a piece of prettiness. Cheesiness too, but that's okay.