Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I resist doing my taxes because they consist of two hours of labour followed by some kind of bad news. We could at least be REWARDED for suffering through this ordeal, but to PUNISH somebody for finishing their taxes is pure sadism.

I have a splitting headache, a cramp in my hand, a facial tic, cold feet, an upset stomach, Morgellons disease, and a $550 debt to the government. I've never needed to pay this much before...it seems to be due to the Ontario Health Premium. If my $550 results in somebody getting timely cancer treatment then it's all worth it. Couldn't the last page of the T1 form have a picture of a smiling child in remission?


Eric Little said...

I know this is scant comfort, but I wish my taxes were going towards better health care for those who need it.

Hope you feel better.

Adam Thornton said...

Yup, I'm over it; many people pay more taxes than I do, and next year -- with MUCH higher RRSP contributions -- I hope it will balance out.

Hmmm, I wonder what your taxes are going to?

VanillaJ said...

Our taxes go to a lot of fat cats in our medical system that do nothing. I'm not talking about nurses & doctors. I'm taking about directors, consultants, and administrative heads. I'm also talking about people who have necessary medical skills (eg. lab technicians), but get through half a day's work, and have nothing to do for the rest of the day but get paid regardless. I'm talking about unskilled labour getting paid $20-$25 an hour because they've been there forever.

We don't need privatization. We need a chopping board for the do-nothings and a visionary to lead our medical industry into more efficient processes, technology, etc. It is an unspoken secret that there's some serious waste of money and resources in our system.

Not that I have any feeling about it. I'm sure rich babyboomers (aren't nearly all of them rich?) will still get their MRI's in the states.